Steph L

I have always had a positive experience at Southway. I took my cat in and they told me she was pregnant and when she would do without charging me. When I take my dog in they are all very nice and want to be friendly with him so he doesn’t mind going to the vet. The doctors are very helpful if you have questions. If your pet had a problem they are very quick to get them in and seen.



The staff and doctors are wonderful here…I always feel welcome and listened too. It’s nice to see a practice still be about the quality of care and not about the money.



I live an hour away and i would make the drive everytime with the quality of care the friendly staff provided for my pet. The staff was very informative, they r dedicated to pet’s needs and makes you feel comfortable that they will be well taken care of while at the hospital. It was well worth the drive. Thanks again to Jodi and the rest of the staff.



They were absolutely amazing and make others in the same field look like beginners. I have complete confidence in their ability to successfully diagnose and treat my pet with any ailment they might have. They’ve handled everything from annual shots to complicated illnesses, with competence and loving care. I was so impressed with the progress I was able to make after visiting them. All my questions were answered, and I feel a lot more confident and hopeful about the future. I really admire them for being more than willing to ask for help from other professionals in the field when they don’t have an answer to my question. They aren’t even slightly arrogant, and I’m confident they always have my best interest at heart. I love how much attention to detail they show. They are always so careful and meticulous. I never have to worry about them making a mistake or forgetting something.


Emily S

Beth Davis and the rest of the crew at Southway…THANK YOU! My dog, Echo, was hit late at night. Her leg was broken and she was in a lot of pain, waiting for more help at an ER Vet. I called vets everywhere, looking for a decent priced vet that could amputate her leg. I found great service at a great price. If I had the $ to save her leg, I would have. The only other option would have been to euthanize a puppy. You saved her. You saved me. I could never say thank you enough for taking care of my baby like you all did. Thank you so much. God Bless you all!


Tena Cook

I have taken my animals here for 5 yrs now, I wouldn’t think of taking them anywhere else. the DR’s show compassion, Knowledgeable, very helpful. The ladies at the front desk are very sweet as well.


Tim Weagley

This has been my vet for well over 10 yrs, what a great caring place, I trust them completely with my pets, very professional


Jan Christoffersen Schmidt

Recently we boarded our dog — and our 19 year old goldfish. The fish was sick, so leaving him with the neighbor this time wasn’t going to work. The staff took good care of both the dog and the goldfish. The fish was even in better health than when we left, for which we were pleasantly surprised and grateful! Thank you to a caring, compassionate staff!


Krystal Leeann Cross

I love this place! They always take care of our pup like their own and always provide top notch customer service. Wouldn’t want to go anywhere else!!


Deb Tolan Sigworth Cain

5 stars Marilyn our dog, always received excellent care. She has spent quite a bit of time there over the last three weeks recovery from surgery. I was on a trip when my husband brought her home for the first time and yesterday (Sunday, 11/29) let her out and she took off, probably looking for me as she has done before. Marilyn has never been gone long, but she didn’t come back. When I got home, we both went out once again and searched for her all evening, even driving by the hospital a few time. Well….our dog has been found!! The funny thing is she returned to the Vet early this morning. Evidently to go visit with them after she received such great care. Thanks for everyone keeping an eye out for her and thanks for all the folks at Southway Animal Hospital in Marion Indiana for their great care. You are a caring and compassionate staff who have taken such good care of our dog that she felt your place of a place of refuge and safety. Thanks again!!!


Jared Gleason

Always had a good experience here with my dog.


Scott Weaver

I was looking to bring my dog to a vet as my own vet said they could not schedule me for at least 2 weeks. Southway scheduled me within 2 hours. Awesome service. I will be bringing my 2 dogs to Dr. Pence and Southway from now on. Terribly disappointed in Kem Rd. Animal Hospital as they didn’t seem to be concerned with my pet. Southway showed concern and found a new customer. Thank you for caring!



I have taken my dog to Dr. Pence for 4 years now. The staff and Dr. Pence are great. Would not consider taking any pet of mine to anyone else!!!


It’s definitely worth the drive to bring your pets to Southway Animal Hospital. Dr. Pence, Jodi and the rest of the Southway Staff are wonderful!


Rebecca D

We have been taking our animals to Southway ever since we got them, and have absolutely no desire to go anywhere else! Both Dr. Davis and Dr. Pence are very knowledgeable and they’re always so kind to us and our pets. Our dog likes to eat things, and he recently went in with us thinking he’d have to have surgery to remove it. But they kept him overnight, did a few x-rays, and gave him some mineral oil and medicine, and the problem, er, “resolved itself” without surgery! Saved us a lot of money and hassle, and saved our dog a lot of pain. They’ll even board animals for a daily fee, which means we know they’re being well taken care of when we’re gone. Love Southway!


Candice Haase

BEST Vet in the world. Doctor Davis and Doctor Pence truly care about the animals in their care and put their health and needs above the bottom line.



I had used this vet before. So when I moved back to the area, I was thrilled to find that Dr. Davis was still at Southway. She is very compassionate and thorough. I have taken most of my “babies” to her. On this visit….1/15/13….Dr.Pence was there. My yorkie had a badly broken toe nail that was bleeding. So I had just dropped by to see if someone could take a look at it. They got us right in and Dr.Pence removed 2 broken nails. He was gentle as he could be. I would never take my babies to anyone else!